Price List

  • Rental Fee

    ※Camper rental rates are daily rate x number of days for each season after confirming the date of use.

    On season

    March 1 - March 19, April 8 - April 26, May 7 - July 19, September 1 - November 30

    Weekends & Holidays Weekdays
    Wohn 20,000 yen 15,000 yen
    Cresson 22,000 yen 17,000 yen
    King-legend 24,000 yen 19,000 yen
    Wohn-DC 25,000 yen 20,000 yen
    Serena camper 12,000 yen 10,000 yen

    Off Season

    December 1 - December 22 and January 9 - February 28

    Weekends & Holidays Weekdays
    Wohn 17,000 yen 13,000 yen
    Cresson 19,000 yen 15,000 yen
    King-legend 21,000 yen 17,000 yen
    Wohn-DC 22,000 yen 18,000 yen
    Serena camper 10,000 yen 8,000 yen

    Top season

    March 20 - April 7, August 19 - August 31, December 23 - December 27

    All days
    Wohn 22,000 yen
    Cresson 24,000 yen
    King-legend 26,000 yen
    Wohn-DC 27,000 yen
    Serena camper 14,000 yen

    Golden season

    April 27 - May 6, July 20 - August 18, December 28 - January 8

    All days
    Wohn 24,000 yen
    Cresson 26,000 yen
    King-legend 28,000 yen
    Wohn-DC 29,000 yen
    Serena camper 16,000 yen

    ※We do not offer one-day rentals, as we want our guests to experience the most attractive feature of a campervan: the ability to sleep in the car. During the on- and off-season, we offer a minimum 24-hour rental plan, and during the top and golden seasons, we offer a minimum 2-day/1-night rental plan.
    ※During a portion of the Golden Season and Golden Week, rentals are available from 2 nights and 3 days or more; during the Bon Festival, rentals are available from 3 nights and 4 days or more; and during the year-end and New Year holidays, rentals are available as a set for a specified period.
    (Reservations may be possible for less than a certain number of days.)
    ※Camper rental rates are per day x number of days for each season after confirming the date of use.

  • Rate Plans

    Basic Rate Plan (1 night/2 days)

    For Cresson during on-season Friday morning 8:30 am - Saturday night 6:00 pm.

    Basic example 1
    Friday 17,000 yen
    Saturday 22,000 yen
    Total 39,000 yen

    Cresson for on-season Friday mornings from 8:30 am to Saturday nights from 9:00 pm (extended)

    Basic example 2
    Friday 17,000 yen
    Saturday 22,000 yen
    Extra charge 3H/6,000 yen
    Total 45,000 yen
  • About CDW

    Deductibles and reimbursement

    For bodily injury liability insurance: no limits.
    For property damage liability insurance: No limit.
    Deductible: 100,000 yen
    For vehicle damage: Actual cost of repair or replacement
    Type A and B campers Deductible: 100,000 yen
    Bodily injury liability insurance: 30,000,000 yen per person
    (Covers injuries to passengers caused by accidents involving the driver, regardless of whether the driver is at fault or not.)

    Non-operation charge

    If a vehicle needs to be repaired due to an accident, the following amounts will be charged as part of the compensation for absence from work during the repair.
    period, regardless of the extent of damage or the time required for repairs.
    If the vehicle is sent back to the office: 50,000 yen.
    In other cases (when the vehicle cannot be driven): 100,000 yen.
    If rental becomes impossible due to damage: Type A or B campers: 10,000 yen per day up to 20 days.


    The deposit will be used to pay for any damage beyond normal wear and tear that occurs after the rental. This includes, but is not limited to, overage/deductible, repair of damage, gasoline refills, and cleaning.
    If this deposit is not sufficient, we will pursue the excess amount. Any amount not covered by the deposit will be refunded. Refunds may take 14 to 28 days from the date of return, depending on the financial institution. Refunds will be in Japanese yen and will be made by credit card payment only. An additional 5% of the non-refundable deposit amount may be charged.
    This is a credit card transaction fee. All deposits are in Japanese yen and are payable by credit card only. We are not responsible for any losses due to bank charges or currency conversion.
    Deposits paid by credit card are not refundable in cash.
    Type A Camper Basic Coverage Deposit = 300,000 yen. Up to 300,000 yen will be paid in the event of an accident. Customer is responsible for deductible and non-operation fees in the event of an accident.
    Type B Camper Basic Coverage Deposit = 400,000 yen. Up to 400,000 yen will be paid in the event of an accident. Customer is responsible for deductible and non-operation fees in the event of an accident.
    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) optional deductible/excess fee reduction.
    Paying the CDW surcharge prior to renting the vehicle reduces the amount you would have to pay in the event of an accident. In the event of an accident, the customer must pay the applicable excess/deductible amount based on the circumstances. You will not be charged a Non-Operation Fee. Please note CDW is not available to drivers under the age of 25.
    Type A Camper. CDW 2,564 JPY/ day. For use over 10 days 1,564 JPY/ day.Security Deposit= 150,000 JPY. Up to 150,000 JPY payable in an accident.
    Type B Camper. CDW 3,564 JPY/ day. For use over 10 days 2,564 JPY/ day.Security Deposit= 200,000 JPY. Up to 200,000 JPY payable in an accident.

    CDW Notes

    CDW does not include the cost of repairing vehicle accessories, including tires, windshield damage, vehicle undercarriage, camper roof, and/or interior furnishings such as GPS navigator, WIFI router, TV, refrigerator, cooker, and sink. Also included is damage to exterior cameras and awnings. Damage in excess of fair wear and tear is the responsibility of the renter. the CDW cover is subject to the same rules as the general insurance cover as stated in the rental agreement. the CDW cover does not apply in the event of a breach of the provisions of "6. liability" or "7. caution". Any damage incurred will be borne by the customer.