Vehicle Guide

  • All cars are subscribed to the road service!

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  • Air conditioners in the summer

    Guests staying at campgrounds and RV parks

    Wohn,Cresson,King-legend,Wohn-dc room air conditioning for your comfort.
    (Reservations required for power supply sites. Some campsites may not be available due to power supply shortage.Please check with the campground.)
    Wohn-dc and King-legend may be used while driving under certain conditions.
    The campsite is closed to engine startup, so air conditioning is not allowed in the cars.
    Therefore, roof air conditioners must be used at power supply sites. If you do not have a roof air conditioner, you will have no air conditioning at the campsite, making it difficult to sleep on tropical nights.
    In winter, all vehicles are equipped with FF heaters so that the interior can be heated even when the engine is turned off.

  • Vehicle tours are welcome.

    Please call in advance to make an appointment as the store may be closed or unavailable if there are no vehicles available.