King-legend(new vehicles)

  • King-legend
  • King-legend:SideOutdoor general parking is also included.
  • King-legend:Back
  • King-legend:Side awningSide awning
    Convenient for campsites in rainy weather.
  • King-legend:Driver's seat (in a car)Driver's seat (in a car)
    A standard driver's license is required.
  • King-legend:Central SalonCentral Salon
    Family gatherings in a beautiful salon.
  • King-legend:Bank bedBank bed
    It can sleep up to 3 people.
  • King-legend:Semi-double bedSemi-double bed
    It can sleep up to 2 people.
  • King-legend:Salon bed deploymentSalon bed deployment
    One person can sleep.
  • King-legend:Kitchen&RefrigeratorKitchen&Refrigerator
    40 liters of water can be used.
  • King-legend:Roof air conditionerRoof air conditioner
    The campground is comfortable.External power supply required.
  • King-legend:TV & Blu-ray・DVDTV & Blu-ray・DVD
    Clear terrestrial digital.。
  • King-legend:ToiletToilet
    Convenient for traffic jams and emergencies.
  • King-legend:Rear storageRear storage
    Large capacity for long trips.
  • King-legend:Solar panelSolar panel
    On sunny days, the sub-battery is recharged, so you can rest assured that the battery is charged.
  • King-legend:Mirror MonitorMirror Monitor
    Rearward vision is available at all times while driving.
  • King-legend
  • King-legend:Side
  • King-legend:Back
  • King-legend:Side awning
  • King-legend:Driver's seat (in a car)
  • King-legend:Central Salon
  • King-legend:Bank bed
  • King-legend:Semi-double bed
  • King-legend:Salon bed deployment
  • King-legend:Kitchen&Refrigerator
  • King-legend:Roof air conditioner
  • King-legend:TV & Blu-ray・DVD
  • King-legend:Toilet
  • King-legend:Rear storage
  • King-legend:Solar panel
  • King-legend:Mirror Monitor
  • New vehicles are introduced.
    This vehicle is equipped with the industry's mainstream CTEK charger, which dramatically improves the charging efficiency of the sub-battery, allowing for the constant use of high-power household appliances and other equipment while the Engine is running, even without an external power source.
    This allows the camper equipment to be used at times when an external power source can be secured, such as at campgrounds, and at other times when an external power source cannot be secured during overnight stays in the car.
    Unlike other vehicles, the rear bed is a semi-double size with a single bunk, making it easy to use for sleeping with infants. This is a very clean car. (Non-smoking car)


    On season

    Weekends & Holidays
    24,000 yen
    19,000 yen

    Off Season

    Weekends & Holidays
    21,000 yen
    17,000 yen

    Top season

    All days
    26,000 yen

    Golden season

    All days
    28,000 yen

    ※Prices include premiums and taxes.


    On season: March 1 - March 19, April 8 - April 26, May 7 - July 19, September 1 - November 30
    Off season: December 1 - December 22 and January 9 - February 28
    Top Season: March 20 - April 7, August 19 - August 31, December 23 - December 27
    Golden Season: April 27 - May 6, July 20 - August 18, December 28 - January 8


    Main facilities

    Side awnings (for use at campsites only), FF heater (for heating when engine is turned off), rear cooler, roof air conditioner, toilet, refrigerator, cassette stove (oil cooking prohibited), rearview camera, drive recorder, navigation system, ETC, TV (terrestrial digital), Blu-ray, DVD, 12v/100v outlet, studless tires (December to March), solar panels

    Free equipment

    Cassette stove (without cylinder), dish soap, sponge, dish towel, garbage bags, bed sheets, hangers, tissue, fan


    Driving system
    Seating Capacity
    6 persons
    Personnel sleeping
    6 adults
    Total length


    • Side awnings (turf) can basically be used only in campgrounds. Use at public facilities, SAs, roadside stations, and parks is prohibited as it is a violation of good manners. Please consult with us if you have permission to use them for events.
    • Cooking is done on a cassette stove. No cooking with oil is allowed.